Penelope's Dragon (Sat. and Sun. Performance)

By Pittsburgh Fringe (other events)

2 Dates Through Apr 02, 2017

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"Penelope's Dragon" is a PG-rated, 45-minute musical comedy for puppets. It's a fairy tale with a twist: the young woman isn't rescued from a dragon; she falls in love with one! Unfortunately, dragons have been banned in the kingdom, her parents oppose inter-species relationships, and the valiant Sir Dirk is out to slay the beast! Can their love survive?

About the company:

Puppets in Performance was founded in Virginia, where it performed dozens of times in various venues, and is now based in the Pittsburgh area, where it has appeared in the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival, Kids Can in Gibsonia, Unity in the Community, and the Pierogi Power Puppet Slam. The shows are all original, mostly G or PG rated, and many include original music.