The Seven Suitcases of a Snake Oil Salesman by O'Ryan the O'Mazing

By Pittsburgh Fringe (other events)

3 Dates Through Apr 02, 2017

Meet a man with eighteen aliases, eleven toes, and seven suitcases as he leads you through a series of unbelievable tall tales and even more amazing feats. Magic, sideshow, juggling, and storytelling just might get you to buy what he's selling before you even see whats in the last suitcase.

About the company:

O’Ryan was born and raised on a small farm in Buckhannon, WV. At 17 he began to travel, hitchhiking and riding freight trains wherever the whim would take him. Joining up with musicians and small circus troupes, he would teach and perform everywhere from orphanages and refugee camps to auditoriums and banquet halls. O’Ryan now mostly performs and teaches for an amazing spectrum of children and adults alike here in Pittsburgh and enjoys every minute of it.